Zoniac, Inc.was founded in 1999; Zoniac develops and markets a family of integrated, web-based "operations systems" to IT Consulting organizations and Staffing companies. The systems are delivered in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode.
The Zoniac systems encompass all direct operating activities of client companies including procuring and staffing of projects and recruiting, marketing, deploying and managing of consultants on a temporary (Staff augmentation) basis. The systems have been designed to satisfy the needs of Candidates, Consultants, Account Managers, Recruiters, Resource Managers, Accounting and HR departments as well as the Management team.
Zoniac solutions address the following pain points of IT Consulting Companies:
  • Insufficient information to run an operation in a highly competitive environment.
  • Absence of a seamless workflow amongst Sales Associates, Recruiters, and HR / Accountants.
  • Inefficient or non-existing communication platform for data, across different locations.
  • Need of significant investments in hardware, software and IT management.
The value proposition of the Zoniac system is to:
  • Significantly increase productivity at operations level through integration, paperless environment and interfaces to external systems.
  • Provide the flexibility of rearranging the location of resources/functions across continents to optimize costs.
  • Significantly improve consulting resource productivity.
  • Pay for the system's cost over and over again through increased process efficiencies.
  • Be easy to deploy, train, maintain and upgrade.
  • Provide responsive world class support.
  • Offer the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) amongst comparable offering.
Zoniac offers a series of products that closely match user needs depending on their size and market segment. Our current offerings include Zoniac Premium, Zoniac Swift and Zoniac SwiftLite.
Zoniac believes in continuous improvements. Product developments in the pipeline enable its users to differentiate themselves even more from their competitors through excellent service to their customers.
Zoniac team strives for excellence in meeting its customers' needs and intensely aspires to be their partner in value delivery.
Product Offering
Zoniac develops and deploys On Demand Recruiting and Staffing Solutions.
Zoniac Premium - End-to-End ATS and more:
Manage entire operations on one integrated platform. Zoniac Premium integrates your front-office and back-office cycles and assists you in meeting the USCIS requirements, including Time Sheet, Expense Statement, Invoicing and payroll input management. Enjoy the benefit of our immigration and HR information provided with the system.
Zoniac Swift - A 360° ATS:
Zoniac Swift mirrors your entire recruitment process - from Resumes to Placement and all associated record maintenance. An easy to use, affordable ATS that integrates all your core functions including resourcing, marketing, comprehensive resume acquisition, managing of assignments, a CRM, integrated mass mailing, publishing of jobs, career portal and much more in one complete package.
Zoniac SwiftLite - Architected for an Agile Recruiter:
An Integrated Recruiting Solution architected for the Agile Recruiter. SwiftLite is a recruiting tool with integrated mass mailing capabilities with Contact Management, Resume Database and Resume Submittal that every recruiter needs. Benefit from the speed and ease of using SwiftLite.
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We are a dependable company with a superior product that helps you make more placements affordably and quickly. We will partner with you and continuously change to meet your emerging needs.