Recruiting Efforts Efficient

Are Your Recruiting Efforts Efficient?

Are you still performing recruiting manually? How much time do you spend managing technology candidates, open requirements and customers? As a technology recruiter, you must have in place an applicant tracking system that gives you a full picture of your transactions and strong tracking capabilities. Isn’t time for an End-to-End Recruiting software that produces efficient recruiting efforts and puts you ahead of your competition? Zoniac defines value, brings value and shows you the value of your work, with a system built by recruiters for recruiters.


Full Picture

In order to always generate efficient recruiting efforts, you need to be able to have a full picture of what you accomplish as a technology recruiter. Additionally, you must be able to see how your recruiting team is performing at any given point. Are you able to successfully and simultaneously see the progress that your recruiters make on placements, the way they manage clients and the flow of the candidate lifecycle? These are some of the vital elements that Zoniac enables you to oversee, handle and manage. Have a full picture of your team’s accomplishments with Zoniac.

Tracking Capabilities

Tracking your performance as a technology recruiter allows you to realize where you are falling short and what you need to do to step your game up. How long does it take for a match to take place? Do you know who sends you valuable information and how this information is being used? What happens after you suggest a technology applicant for an open requirement? Are your candidates meeting your clients’ expectations? Instead of struggling to find the answers, partner with Zoniac and let our system yield the efficient recruiting efforts you need to be successful.


Relationship Building

It goes without saying that efficient recruiting efforts entail solid relationships with your network of candidates, clients and vendors. Do you have the ability to collect feedback around your transactions in order to trace where you need to put more effort? It is crucial that your end-to-end recruiting software enables you to establish strong bonds with your business partners by simplifying the way you interact with each other. With Zoniac, you build a community of team players with whom you work efficiently, and you position yourself for success.


Key Takeaways to Are Your Recruiting Efforts Efficient:

  • Zoniac gives you a full picture of your recruiting efforts for maximum control and management
  • Track the progress of your recruiting actions with the power of Zoniac
  • Zoniac empowers you to build a community of partners with whom you work efficiently


About Zoniac: 

Zoniac, Inc. was founded in 2000; Zoniac is an IT consulting firm’s lifecycle operations system- from resume to invoicing. The systems are delivered in the cloud (SaaS) mode. The Zoniac solutions automates and integrates all core processes of recruiting, marketing, deploying and managing of consultants on a temporary (Staff augmentation) basis. The systems have been designed to satisfy the needs of Candidates, Consultants, Account Managers, Recruiters, Resource Managers, Accounting and HR departments as well as the Management team.

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