How Long is Your Staffing Lifecycle

How Long is Your Staffing Lifecycle?

Good staffing is about efficiency and speed in making the perfect match between qualified technology applicants and great opportunities. A prolonged staffing lifecycle creates unsatisfied candidates, frustrated clients, and time-consuming recruiting efforts. In order to ensure that you have full control and address all of your recruiting efforts, you need an applicant tracking system that is able to facilitate and even shorten your staffing lifecycle. Zoniac is an end-to-end recruiting software system that is built to eliminate irrelevant recruiting information, locate the proper candidates and simplify administrative processes, thereby expediting your recruiting efforts.


Good In, Bad Out

In order to shorten your staffing lifecycle, you need to efficiently manage the recruiting information you receive and set the parameters of what is allowed to make it through. If you are constantly being bombarded with bulk data, how do you know that the elements you receive are consistent with your needs and standards? Are you able to pinpoint relevant emails, email ids and successfully opt out unwanted sources? How about tracking your recruiting transactions in detail? The length of your staffing lifecycle depends on the quality of data that ends up in your system. Zoniac has designed an end-to-end recruiting software system that gives you complete control of your recruiting efforts. Be in the driver’s seat with Zoniac.


Applicant Management

In your effort to shorten your staffing lifecycle, it is important to quickly locate and share qualified technology applicants. It is essential that you have a central database where all of your resumes rest in order to find them and parse them based on your criteria. Zoniac is an end-to-end recruiting software system that helps you auto to parse resumes from vendors and candidates according to your requirements and to make the perfect match. View resume submissions on career portals and job boards and post or send resumes directly from your dashboard. Create your bench of candidates with the power of Zoniac.


Administrative Control

It goes without saying that long administration processes significantly delay staffing lifecycle. Individual systems that separate front and back offices increase the chances of missing data and add to the frustration that technology staffing firms face every day. The simplicity of procedures, solid communication with vendors, contacts, and candidates, real-time updates and dashboard flexibility is essential in your efforts to shorten your staffing lifecycle. Embrace functionality and convenience in your recruiting efforts, eliminate administrative bureaucracy and expedite recruiting with Zoniac’s end-to-end recruiting software system.


Key Takeaways to How Long is Your Staffing Lifecycle:

  • Zoniac ensures the quality of input that land in your system
  • Zoniac allows you to auto parse resumes according to your requirements
  • With Zoniac you eliminate administrative bureaucracy and expedite your recruiting efforts


About Zoniac:

Zoniac, Inc. was founded in 2000; Zoniac is an IT consulting firm’s lifecycle operations system- from resume to invoicing. The systems are delivered in the cloud (SaaS) mode. The Zoniac solutions automates and integrates all core processes of recruiting, marketing, deploying and managing of consultants on a temporary (Staff augmentation) basis. The systems have been designed to satisfy the needs of Candidates, Consultants, Account Managers, Recruiters, Resource Managers, Accounting and HR departments as well as the Management team.

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