Why Are You Still Separating Your Front and Back Offices

Why Are You Still Separating Your Front and Back Offices?

Technology staffing firms and IT recruiters deal with a lot of recruiting information, and they have no time to locate missing data or to make mistakes. Recruiters need an easy-to-use system that allows them to effectively communicate with technology candidates, clients, vendors, and their network. In order to assure that all of your data is in one place, you need an end-to-end applicant tracking system that integrates your front and back offices seamlessly and allows for real-time updates. No more separate systems with separate databases; it’s time for Zoniac.


Put the Pieces Together

Are you one of those technology staffing firms that use one system for managing customer relationships, a different one for tracking your applicants, another for payroll and so forth? How efficient is that for your IT recruiters? How easy is it to access data when you use separate systems? Wouldn’t it be nice to integrate your front and back offices and have full visibility of your recruiting efforts, financial functions performance metrics, and management reports? Zoniac was designed to offer you an integrated solution that allows you to view, update, and enter all of your data into the application in real-time.


Simplify Your Operations

Do you have to enter data two and three times, depending on the number of separate systems you have in place? How does that work with applicant tracking or customer relationship management? Every time you have to reenter data, you are increasing your chances of making a mistake. Your IT recruiters need simplicity in the way they perform their job. You need to be able to see how your organization performs in order to outmatch other technology staffing firms. With Zoniac, you integrate your front and back offices seamlessly by making single entries and simplifying processes.


Institute of Business Intelligence

How deep do you have to dig into your front and back office systems to find the data you need? How do you go about reporting and generating metrics on the performance of your IT recruiters, the satisfaction of your customers, payroll management, placement cycle tracking and the other important functions of your organization? Zoniac allows you to integrate your front and back offices, allowing you to efficiently keep track of assignments and placements. Zoniac ensures that your payroll and sales data, invoices, time sheets, and expense management processes are integrated so that you are able to make smarter business decisions.


Key Takeaways to Why Are You Still Separating Your Front and Back Offices:

  • Zoniac enables you to view, update, and enter data in the same application, in real-time
  • With Zoniac, you integrate your front and back offices seamlessly, enabling you to make single entries and simplify processes
  • Zoniac gives you full control of front and back office functions facilitating business intelligence and allowing you to make better decisions


About Zoniac:

Zoniac, Inc. was founded in 2000; Zoniac is an IT consulting firm’s lifecycle operations system- from resume to invoicing. The systems are delivered in the cloud (SaaS) mode. The Zoniac solutions automates and integrates all core processes of recruiting, marketing, deploying and managing of consultants on a temporary (Staff augmentation) basis. The systems have been designed to satisfy the needs of Candidates, Consultants, Account Managers, Recruiters, Resource Managers, Accounting and HR departments as well as the Management team.


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